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Treat your spider veins today at Vein Center of Lancaster at Community Surgical Associates!

""I have always had varicose veins; however, after the birth of my 3rd child, my legs swelled more. They felt heavy and I felt sluggish. Being a runner, this was not a good feeling. After reading about VNUS Closure® and seeing an ad for a free screening, I called for an appointment. I was seen promptly and the rest of my appointments were scheduled quickly and at my convenience. Within one month after my surgery and treatment, I was back to my true running form."

Beth, age 44

"I had pain and swelling in my right leg with a large bumpy visible vein. I thought I’d have to live with it or pay for a high-priced cosmetic procedure. I didn’t know that my problem was a medical condition until I talked with Dr. Kline. He explained how this procedure solves the problem at the source – the diseased vein. He also explained that it was a quick outpatient procedure and I would be back to normal activities in one day! AND I would not have any scars! After the procedure, I was on my way home and the whole thing only took a couple of hours. Honestly, I could have returned to work the same day. The next day I was back to normal. I was surprised at how little pain there was. In two weeks I had no symptoms at all and NO SCARRING!! I was thrilled! My life has improved. I have confidence when I cross my legs, no pain, and no pressure in my legs at night. Unsightly purple vein is gone!"

"I had varicose veins since high school. I tried wearing support pantyhose but nothing seemed to help. After meeting with Dr. Kline, I asked him if I could dance at my niece’s wedding in 3 weeks. This is the only function which I asked him to make possible and he certainly did that! I had surgery on both legs one week apart. I can only express how professional and fast moving the staff was which gave me no doubt how well trained and ready for any type of situation. I danced with my grandsons at my nieces wedding for three hours! I can now go to a public swimming pool and there is no more swelling of my ankles."

Kathy, age 58

"I had very visible varicose veins on both legs and I wanted to have the visibility of them removed. After my procedure, my legs look so much better!"

Henry, age 64

"I had pain in my veins, heaviness in my legs and was dragging my feet. After the procedure, I had no pain at all! The next day I was not dragging my feet and I can walk better."

Kathryn, age 82

"I chose the VNUS Closure® procedure because it is less invasive then other treatments. I had swollen veins and a tired, heavy feeling in my legs. I had good care and the staff explained the procedure well. My legs feel better. I did not know how bad my legs were until after the procedure and I have had many compliments on the appearance of my legs."

Lois, age 69

"After my first heart attack 12 years ago, I had lost feeling in the bottoms of both feet. It felt like I was walking on thick callous. Within a week of having vein procedures in both legs, 70% of the feeling was back in both feet. I am looking forward to my feet recovering 100% after being told for 12 years I would never regain feeling." Robin, 60 yr. old male patient

"After recently losing over 70 pounds, I was looking forward to wearing shorts and taking my young children to the pool this summer. It wasn't until one of my elementary students took notice to the blue cluster of varicose veins behind my knee and asked me, "What happened:!" that I decided to explore my options. I learned that my veins were a result of a medical condition and would progressively get worse if I left untreated. The staff at Dr. Kline's office is respectful and courteous, patiently explaining each procedure. I was amazed that I was able to drive myself to each appointment then return to work that same day. This summer I don't have to wear capri-pants to cover my unsightly legs. Thank you, Dr. Kline!" Daina, 34 yr. old female patient